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I am a programmer of more than 30 years experience. This blog is for being online with everyone. Do write to me if you have any improvements to add. By the way, my team members love to pounce upon any project thrown at us - please contact us for any software requirements.

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I am a programmer of more than 30 years experience. I began as a raw electronics designer, and soon I started assembly, and then C++, Win32 API (still my favorites), Java, Android apps, C# Desktop applications on security, C# ASP.NET classic, C# ASP.NET MVC (this one was a commercial success), and now I am busy with an easier thing - ASP.NET Core.

I fail to understand these modern hypes - react, node, python, etc., yet I had to script this blog in python, more out of a compulsion from my host (that's why the urls for these pages are case-sensitive). I held similar views for jQuery a few years back - and... have I proven right? Products by bigger companies like Microsoft and Google usually have a greater tenacity, and I think - sooner or later - .NET Core will surface up?

I could never succeed as a youtuber - but it's a dream that I still continue to work on, so you will find my videos linked almost on each page.